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The book refers to a study guide on line - with a practice test - I missed one and do not understadn why - in reading the chapter again - i think the study guide is wrong. It think it is d -- the study guice says c - in the book it says that washington choose not to run for pres again b/c he did not want to look like a monarch - and the Jay treaty stopped the war?????

Question: What was one result of Jay's treaty

a. The us went to war with france
b. the us went to war with britian
c. Pres washington decided not to run for Pres.
d. The us avoided war with britian.

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    Read carefully.


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    I completely agree with your answer. As these two sites show, Jay's Treaty avoided another war between the U.S. and Britain. Although Washington lost popularity because of his reluctant support of the treaty, his decision not to run again had little to do with the treaty.

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    After reading Writeacher's answer, I can see how c. COULD be the right answer. However, the question is misleading as there are two possible answers - both c and d.

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