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A geosynchronous equatorial orbiting satellite orbits 22,300 miles above the equator of Earth. It completes one full revolution each 24 hours. Assume Earth's radius is 3960 miles. a. How far will the GEO satellite travel in one day? b. What is the satellite's linear velcoity in miles per hour?

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    a. The GEO satellite's path is circular. The distance on a circular path is the circumference. C = 2 (pi) (r) = 2 (pi) (3960) = 7920pi

    b. Distance = Rate * Time
    Rate = Distance/Time = 7920pi / 24 hours = 330pi

    I'm 100% sure on a, 90% on b.

  • Math -

    for b)
    linear velocity = angular velocity x radius

    the angl vel. = 2pi/24 rad/hr

    so linear vel. = 2pi/24(26260) miles/hr
    = 6875 mph

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