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Law and ethics in Med

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Question: Give an example of how a coversation between the person answering at a doctor'd office and the patient who called could create a contract. demonstrating the use of contract and agency law.

My answer is ... An example of a person answering a phone at a doctor's office and a patient who called created a contract is, The nurse : "Good afternoon Doctor's office. Patient: "Hi my name is Sara and I would like to make an appointement with the doctor.The nurse: I can schedule you to see the doctor Friday morning at 9:00 A.M.

I am not really sure what else I need to put.

  • Law and ethics in Med -

    The receptionist or nurse will almost always tell the person making the appointment what their cancellation policy is -- often 24 hours in advance. If the patient doesn't call to cancel AND doesn't keep the appointment, the patient can be charged a fee (since he/she wasted the doctor's time by not keeping the appointment). This is a contract between the patient and the doctor.

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