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trick question

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John, Jack, Joan and Jane are Art Critic, Aviator, Acrobat and Architect, though not necessarily in that order. The aviator, who is happily married, earns more than his sister, the art critic. Joan has never heard of “perspective”, John is a misogynist. Who is the architect?

  • sorry. there's no particular subject. it's a puzzle question -

    i kind want to know how to figure this out.

  • trick question -

    Aviator - man (John or Jack)
    Art Critic - woman (Joan or Jane)
    Joan - not art critic ("perspective" is an art term)
    John - misogynist (hates women, so not married)

    That means...
    Aviator - Jack
    Art Critic - Jane

    That leaves John and Joan. One is the acrobat, and one is the architect.

    Let's rewrite the problem, substituting what we know in. Maybe that will help.

    The aviator Jack, who is happily married, earns more than his sister, the art critic Jane. Joan has never heard of perspective, so she's not an art critic. John is a misogynist, so he's not married. Who is the architect?

    Ahh... perspective is also an architectural term, so Joan is not the architect. That leaves her to be the acrobat, so John must be the architect.

  • trick question -

    I am not certain that misogynist cannot be married. I know a few.

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