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I need help on my essay outline.

How could I break down my sub-topic: personal expression into two using the following points; freedom of thought, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom of conscious, freedom to make choices and freedom to travel?

Freedom to travel, I mean to go anywhere you want to go without consenting to any authorities.

Also, are equal opportunities, personal expression and sexual freedom all relate to "independent freedom" (liberty, democracy, rights, etc.) ? I'm asking this because I'm using "independent freedom" as my focus and to formulate my thesis.

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    For sexual freedom, I mean like no emasculation or empowerment.

    And for my two points mentioned above, are they the same, am I repeating myself?

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    Another teacher and I have read your post several times and I'm still confused.

    You want to break your topic of "personal expression" into two parts -- right? It seems to me that you could divide it between internal freedoms -- thought, consciousness, make choices -- and external or behavioral freedoms -- speech, assembly, travel.

    I'm sorry -- but I don't understand this statement at all. "Also, are equal opportunities, personal expression and sexual freedom all relate to "independent freedom" (liberty, democracy, rights, etc.) ? "

    Please clarify and we'll try to help you.

  • Clarfying my question - ,

    My focus is "independent freedom" or otherwise known as liberty. Are the following sub-topics: equal rights, personal expression and sexual freedom relevant to my focus? Like, none of those sub-topics are 'out of place'.

    My points for each sub-topics:

    Equal Rights (basically dealing with against discrimination)
    1. Voting Rights
    2. Racial Rights
    3. Disability Rights

    Personal Expression
    1. Freedom of Thought
    2. Freedom of Consciousness
    3. Freedom to make choices
    4. Freedom of speech
    5. Freedom of assembly
    6. Freedom to travel

    Sexual Freedom
    1. No emasculation
    2. No empowerment between genders

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    Your first two major points seem relevant to your focus.

    Your third -- "Sexual freedom" is still murky to me. What do you mean by your two subpoints?

  • For Sexual freedom... - ,

    For sexual freedom, I mean people should not use their sexuality to gain control, power, etc.

    For "no emasculation", I'm saying that males or females should not use their sexual appeal to make others weak - sort of a femme fatale like the greek mythology, Sirens.

    As for "no empowerment between genders", I'm basically saying matriarchy - don't let women dictate your sexual life - don't let them tell you what you can and cannot do.

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