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Racial and Ethnic group

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consider racial imbalances in education, the economy, family life, housing, criminal justice, health care and politics. Of these societal challenges facing modern African Americans, which do you think are most difficult to overcome, and why?

  • Racial and Ethnic group -

  • Racial and Ethnic group -

    It could be the economy. A generation or two ago, unskilled laborers could get well-paying jobs in factories. Today, most of those jobs are gone, leaving unskilled workers no place to go but to minimum-wage jobs.

    Family life is also a problem since many African-Americans are being raised by single mothers or grandmothers.

    Housing is certainly a problem because people without good incomes can only afford to live in depressed neighborhoods.

    When people live in depressed neighborhoods, they often attend depressed schools. When many students don't want to learn and have little backing from their families, their education suffers. This is exacerbated by schools with poor facilities and teachers who become discouraged.

    It seems that more young African-Americans get into trouble with the law than their white peers. The criminal justice system seems to be harsher on African-Americans.

    Which of these situations do

  • Racial and Ethnic group -

    Which of these situations do you think is the most difficult to overcome?

  • Racial and Ethnic group -

    I really think housing is because people with little or no credit or low incomes live in the depressed neighborhoods.

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