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Arrange the following elements in order of decreasing atomic radius:

Cs, Sb, S, Pb, Se

*(list from largest to smallest...or..."the correct ranking cannot be determined")

***I think the answer 'should be', from largest to smallest:

***Cs, Pb, Sb, Se, S***????

Am I correct in my thinking????

  • **CHEM** -

    My periodic chart lists covalnt radius, as you have them listed as follows (all in Angstroms):
    2.35; 1.47; 1.40;, 1.17; 1.02. Looks right to me.

  • **CHEM** -

    this order came up being correct. Thank you

  • **CHEM** -

    S, Se Sb, Pb, Cs

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    Determine the mass of a ball with a velocity of 35.1 m/s and a wavelength of 8.92 x 10-34 m.

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