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World History

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I can't find any info in regards to creation, expansion, and interaction of economic systems in central Africa during the time span: 600-1450. I've tried many resources and I can't find any info on agricultural and pastoral production, trade and commerce, labor systems, industrialization, or capitalism and socialism.

Does three-field system fit within these requirements? What about the trade routes (Trans-Saharan, Gold-Salt Trade) or the Nile River?

HELP!!! I've contacted friends, tutors, and I've tried numerous resources. Please provide me some examples of my theme.

I'm in desperate need. I've been searching since 2pm.....I have no info on hand right now!

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    The Trans-Saharan Trade Route and the Gold-Salt Route were certainly used during your time span.

    The Nile was also much in use during that time period.

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    As Writeteacher said, the biggest problem with finding information about that time period in most of Africa is that the people didn't have a written language. Some records were kept by Arabs, but for the most part, we know very little about the way Africans lived then.

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    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Since you only said "central Africa" that's where I went. If you have specific countries you will find more:




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    Did these trade networks occured in Central Africa?!!!

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    These trade routes probably had little effect on central Africa. It's possible that some goods eventually found their way to and from this area via these routes -- but they mainly served northern, western, and eastern Africa.

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