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You have a mass of 2 kg attached to a spring with a spring constant 18 N/m. The mass is at rest at the equilibrium position. At time t=0 you hit the object with a hammer. This blow instantaneously gives the object a velocity of 3 m/s. The motion (after the blow) is described by the function x= Acos(omega t + constant).

a.) What is the frequencey (omega)?
b) determine the value of the constant.
c.) determine the value of constant A.
d.) what is the position and velocity at t- 2s
e.) What is the meximum displacement? At what time does this occur?

I am confused on how to solve for omega. I know that omega is the frequency as well so omega/2pi equals frequency, but I am confused on what to solve for.

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    isnt omega= sqrt (k/m)?

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