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find the values of each of the following polynomials for the given values of the variable.
for x=-3 and for x=-2

how do i do the above i am not sure but have an idea can someone help?

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    All you have to do is plug x into the polynomial. For x=-3, you would have -(-3)^2-5(-3)-6. Simply that to get your solution (which should be just a number). Then, plug in -2 for the second part, simplify, and you're done.

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    how is this?

    -9+15-6=18 (18 is the answer?)

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    << -9+15-6=18 >> ??

    how did you get 18 for that?

    = 15-15
    = 0

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    i have checked it about 5 times and posted my work, but the teacher stated that the answer is 0 i do not know how she got the answer it is driving me crazy. thank you for confirming my answer.

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