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1)a pitched ball is hit by a batter at a 45 degree angle and just clears the outfield fence,98m away. assume that the fence is at the same height as the pitch and find the velocity of the ball when it left the bat.

2)an arrow is shot at 30.0 degree above the horizontal. it velocity is 49 m/s and it hits the target.

a)what is the maximum height the arrow will attain?

b)the target is at the height from which the arrow was shot. how far away is it?

somebody,please help. i don't understand these question
please help

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    All use the kinematic equations, which you should have memorized by now.

    1) horizontal: 98=vcos45*t
    solve for time in terms of v
    th en put that time in the vertical equation
    0=0+vsin45*t - 4.9t^2, and solve for v.

    2) Same equations, start with vertical, solve for time, then in the horizontal, solve for distance.

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