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Posted by Raj on Sunday, November 11, 2007 at 5:59pm.

I posted before about designing a procedure to determine two unknowns (1 solid, 1 solution). The possible solutions were: NaCl, CaCl2, CuSO4, NaOH,Ba(OH)2, HCl, HNO3, or H2O. The reagents given are: NaOH, HCl, AgNO3, Zn metal, Na2SO4, and H2O.

The procedure I've designed so far is:
1) Look at colour, if blue, it is CuSO4
2) Test a bit of unknown with Zn. If there is a reaction it has hydrogen.
3) Add AgNO3, if there is no reaction, it is HCl or KNO3.
4) Add HCl and Na2SO4, if no reaction it is Ba(OH)2.
5) Add HCl and Zn, if no reaction it is NaOH.
6) Add AgNO3, if no reaction it is H2O.
7) Add Na2SO4, if no reaction, it is CaCl2.
8) It is NaCl

Can someone please check over this to see if this would work?

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