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The soccer goal is 23.05 m in front of a soccer player. She kicks the ball giving it a speed of 17.97 m/s at an angle of 25.83 degrees from the horizontal. If the goalie is standing exactly in front of the net, find the speed of the ball just as it reaches the goalie.

Bobpursley showed me how to do this, and he got 17.42 m/s. However, this is not correct. This answer assumes the ball is caught by moving the arms of the goalie. Is there any other way I can go about solving this?

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    The time to reach the goat is
    T = 23.05m/(17.97 cos 25.83)= 1.435 s
    The horizontal velocity component remains 17.97 cos 25.83 = 16.17 m/s

    The vertical velocity component when it reaches the goalie is
    17.97 sin 23.85 - g T = 9.747-14.063
    = -4.316 m/s (It is coming down)
    The speed is sqrt[(16.17^^2 + (-4.32)^2] = 16.73 m/s

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    16.73 is the final?? Because again, it's not right. Hmm...

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