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Homework Help: Early Child Ed.

Posted by Ms. Sue-- this is for you---please read and help!! on Friday, November 9, 2007 at 8:40pm.

1. One of the core values of the
NAEYC Code of Ethnical Conduct is:

A) to adapt curriculum for cultural

B) to involve community members in
the program's policy decisions.

C) recognition that the best way to
understand a child is to study the
context of the child's whole life,
including the society as a whole.

D)the need for professional development
activities at all staffing levels
in an early childhood education

2. A parent from a non-mainstream
culture complains to the program
director that her son is being
negatively singled out by his
teacher. The director would do
well,as a first step,to address
the complaint by:

A) backing the teacher's position
and action.

B) setting a meeting in which all
parties would agree to seek new
patterns and ways of understanding
each other.

C) affirming the parent's right to
report the perceived disrespect
and assuring her son that appropriate
steps will be taken to resolve the
situation internally.

D) consulting the agency's attorney.

Here are my answers. Please let me know if they are wrong.


2. B

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