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Types of sources

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Can someone check this for me??

Imagine you are writing a report to the governor on how to reform the state welfare system. Listed below are a number of sources which may be useful for your report. Carefully evaluate each of them, and then place a P next to those you believe are Primary sources. Place an S to those you believe are secondary sources .

_p___ 1. copies of the forms people fill out to _______
receive welfare
__p___ 2. interviews with children growing up _______
on welfare
__s___ 3. a book on poor Americans and welfare _______
programs from 1900 to 1950
__s___ 4. an article by a social scientist who compares _______
state-by-state welfare benefits and
poverty statistics
__p___ 5. a local television news feature about a _______
pastor who works with poor families
in her neighborhood
___p__ 6. a statewide poll on how people feel _______
about welfare
___p__ 7. a novel based on the author’s childhood _______
growing up under welfare
___p__ 8. a magazine article about a company _______
which hires people on welfare
___p__ 9. a speech by a U.S. senator on welfare cheats _______
___p__ 10. a pamphlet published by a conservative _______
organization titled “How Welfare Exploits
the Poor”
____s_ 11. a pamphlet published by a leftist organization _______
titled “How Welfare Exploits the Poor”
____p_ 12. welfare mothers speaking as guests on the _______
Oprah Winfrey show

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    I agree with all your choices except 5, 8, and 10.

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