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spanish sra JMcGuin

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Look at the following items and write a sentence telling how much they cost.

1. disco compacto $15.00

answer: el disco compacto cuestan quiense dolares

2. camisa $20.00

answer: la camisa cuestan vente dolares

3. pantalones $20.00

answer: Los pantalones cuestan vente dolares

4. flores $18.00

answer: Las flores cuestan diez y ocho dolares

  • spanish sra JMcGuin -

    Hopefully you can do your homework earlier? This is way past my bedtime!

    1. el disco compacto = is singular so the verb must be too = cuesta = check spelling = quince dólares.

    2. same problem = singular subject requires singular verb = la camisa cuenta (spelling) veinte dólares.

    3. Los pantalones cuestan (Yes! Now the subject is plural so the verb is too.) (spelling) veinte dólares.

    4. The modern spelling of 18 is now dieciocho dólares.


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