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Physic please check

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A +6.00 µC charge is moving with a speed of 7.00 x 10^4 m/s parallel to a very long, straight wire. The wire is 5.00 cm from the charge and carries a current of 63.0 A in a direction opposite to that of the moving charge. Find the magnitude and direction of the force on the charge.
___________ mN

B = (4pi x 10^-7)/ 2piR

F = q0 v B sin theta

F = (0.000006)(70000)(0.000001257)(63.0)(1)/ 0.3142

F = 0.000033255 / 0.3142

F = 1.0584 x 10^-4 N

F = 1.0584 x 10^-1 mN

_X_ perpendicular to the wire and directed away from it

___ perpendicular to the wire and directed towards it

___ parallel to the current

___ anti-parallel to the current

___ perpendicular to the plane containing both the wire and the charge

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    Yes, I cheated and used my two right hands and the right hand rules.

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    Your response confuses me. Please clarify.

  • Physic please check -

    You are correct. I did the direction with the right hand rules (thumb in direction of + current). My direction is the same as yours.

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    Did you see my response to your comment on my two earlier questions?

  • Physic please check -

    My 8:19pm and 8:21 post

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