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Homework Help: Early Child Ed.

Posted by Anonymous on Monday, November 5, 2007 at 7:04pm.

Please help!

During class fingerpainting activity,
Doresha appeared perplexed by the teacher's question,"What are you doing,
Doresha?" Doresha did not respond
quickly or with ease. Which one of the following could NOT be a reason why
this eventcast posed a concern for her?

A) Doresha is from a mainstream culture.

B) Describing an action is not practiced
in her home or by her friends.

C) Asking someone to explain an action
the questioner is witnessing is
considered disrespectful.

D) The use of language for labeling an
event or something obvious is
unusual in most cultures.

This is what my text states:

Another type of narrative,typical in
mainstream cultures but very unusual in nonmainstream families,is called eventcasts. An eventcast is an immediate
description of an ongoing event or the labeling of something obvious.
For example, a mother observes her son
coloring in a coloring book and asks,
"What are you doing,Jon?" Despite the
fact it is obvious what the child is
doing,she asks him to describe,or
narrate,his ongoing action.
The use of language to describe the obvious is quiet unusual in most cultures. It is,however,a commpon expectation in preschool and early
elementary classrooms. Frequently,
teachers ask children to describe
thir art activity,or objects and
events in a picture. Many children
find this a strange use of language
because they must explain something
that is obvious to the teacher.
Because describing the obvious is
considered disrespectful to the adult
in some cultures,this can create discomfort for the child.

Would "B" or "C" be the correct answer?
I'm thinking "B" is the correct answer,but I am not sure.
please help!!!

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