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What is the reciprocal of -3.21?

I'm not sure but I think that this is what you have to do:

-3 21/100= -321/100= -100/321

Answer: -100/321

Is this correct? If not, show me how to do it, and give me the correct answer.
Thank you.

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    That is one way to do it.
    The reciprocal of a number is the number divided INTO 1.
    Take the reciprocal of -3.21
    1/-3.21 = -0.3115 which I would round to -0.312.
    You actually did yours this way.
    -3.21 x (100/100) = -321/100
    Reciprocal is 100/-321 and I plug that into my calculator and get -0.3115 which I would round to -0.312.

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    So, my answer is correct?

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    Your "indicated" answer is correct. Actually, you didn't finish and come up with a number (an answer) but left it as -100/321. That's ok if that is what your teacher wants.

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    Okay, thank you so much, DrBob222.

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