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Identify each pronoun's case.

In "The Seafarer," the old mariner tells us (1. objective) of his (2. possessive) hardships. He (3. nominative) recalls terrors that afflicted him (4. objective) but are unknown in our (5. possessive) experience.

Underline the correct pronoun in each sentence.

1. Life at sea exposed (he, him) to many perils.
2. Often (he,his) feet froze in winter storms.
3. (They, Them) who lived on land could not understand his suffering.
4. His courage should impress you and (I, me).
5. It was (he, him) who left the comfort of towns for the callenge of the sea.
6. His audience is you and (I, me).
I (I am still kind of confused on how you know when to use I instead of me.)
7. He gives (us, we) encouragement through his strength and faith.
8. The seafarer's spirit urges (he, him) to sail the oceans.
9. He and (us, we) are united through the spirit of his reflections.
10. He trusts that God will grant (he, him) eternal peace after his labors.

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