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Dunbar, South Africa

identify at least two serious environmental problems, such as soil degradation, air or water pollution, pesticide misuse, overpopulation, wildlife extinction or threatened biodiversity, and deforestation, that impact this region. What seem to be the root causes of these problems?

• Determine what strategies local governments, businesses, or individual citizens can implement to lessen the negative impact on the environment in this region and help prepare it for a more sustainable future. Keep in mind that you may have very limited resources available to you in this region. Are there practical solutions to these problems that can be funded, developed, and implemented locally, or will long-term solutions require assistance from outside sources? If outside support is required for your plan, detail the extent of their involvement.

• Identify other regions of the world that have attempted to overcome these same, or similar, problems. Describe at least one method that they attempted to use to solve the problem. Did they succeed or fail in their efforts? What environmental or social factors aided or hindered the implementation of those plans?

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    Daisy, we do not do your homework for you. However, when you have worked on your answers, please repost them, and we will happily make suggestions for corrections or additions.

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