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Japanese (extramural: linguistics/culture/history)

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Hallo, my name is Joshua.
I'm currently doing my matric in south africa, which is most unfortunate, because south africa doesn't have much to offer in terms of "foreign languages/culture." (Moving to england in a month. Perhaps it has more to offer^^)

I am very much interested in learning the subject. I also find the subject is a great inspiration toward the 300 part manga series I am writing/drawing.

If you could refer me to a couple site sources... have any suggestions for when I move to the uk (places to learn)... your help will be appreciated.

  • Japanese (extramural: linguistics/culture/history) - ,

    ...sorry for any of the grammatical errors... kinda in a hurry today^^

  • Japanese (extramural: linguistics/culture/history) - ,

    hey joshua , yep i have the same problem, i can't find the history of a maga picture any help from anyone plz...?????

  • Japanese (extramural: linguistics/culture/history) - ,

    I'm alsoe very interested in learning Japanese. Try do a search on google. Also, you can go to the subject/Foreign Languages/Japanese section of this site.
    Good luck with the exams, and with the publication of your manga!

  • Japanese (extramural: linguistics/culture/history) - ,

    I don't agree with your statement "south africa doesn't have much to offer in terms of "foreign languages/culture." There are many languages and diverse cultures there, and the relative prosperity, environmental protection and interracial cooperation there a beacon of hope for the rest of black Africa. I have spent several weeks there, from Capetown to Durban to Kruger to Zululand, Swaziland and Soweto. That does not make me an expert, but I was impressed by what I saw.

    I have also spend a few weeks in Japan. The language and culture are certainly exotic to a westerner, so your choice is a good one if it interests you. Learning other languages and cultures is a broadening experience that increases one's appreciation of life other points of view.

    Good luck. Try to get into Cambridge, Oxford or Leeds if you can. The U of London is also a good choice.

  • Japanese (extramural: linguistics/culture/history) - ,


    Oh, you're right. Thanks mate! Good luck to you too.


    My apologies^^ ... but the statement is meant to be taken in a personal sense (nothing foreign for me) ... Impressed that you feel so strongly about me homeland^^

    Japan, very very interesting indeed^^ ... considering moving there.

    Thanks for the tips!

  • Japanese (extramural: linguistics/culture/history) - ,

    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum again. Perhaps some of the following may be of help to you:



  • Japanese (extramural: linguistics/culture/history) - ,


    No problem!^^

    Thank you very much for those links! Very interesting sources.

  • Japanese (extramural: linguistics/culture/history) - ,


    It's blindingly hard. I'm pulling an D- just barely in that class, and I practice everyday, hell I even live in Japan. It's gets harder as you go on.

    Don't get pulled in just because of anime.

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