March 29, 2017

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A 1.0 kg metal head of a geology hammer strikes a solid rock with a velocity of 5.0 m/s. Assuming all the energy is retained by the hammer head, how much will its temperature increase?


    (1/2)MV^2 = M C (delta T)

    Solve for the temperaure change: delta T.
    C is the specific heat of the metal head. M cancels out and is not needed.
    delta T = V^2/(2 C)

    C should have units of Joules/(kg C). Use a C value for stainless steel. They should have told you what the geology hammer head is made of.


    1/2 MV^2 is the kinetic energy of the hammer. V is the velocity which is given.
    MC delta T is the heat of a compound (m is mass but it cancels, C is the specific heat which you will need to look up AND you need to know what material the hammer is) and delta T is what you solve for. Only one unknown (delta T) IF you know the hammer is made of iron or whatever.



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