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Homework Help: Inorganic

Posted by Sarah on Friday, November 2, 2007 at 7:11pm.

I have an lab I am doing in inorganic chemistry and it is where we synthesized our own compounds by adding together a bunhc of differnt ones. We are now asked to calculate the theoretical yield and they tell us which one is the limiting reagent. My question is about the equation...because in order to determine the yield you need to balance the equation first...but we are adding a whole bucnh of things together to get this product, so I don't know how you are supposed to determine the other prodcuts...would I take each part of adding together and find the products, and then those products lead to the next product until the one left is the one where I have the last product to make my new substance? But then how would I tell what the intermediate prodcuts are? Ahhh im so confused, anyways here are the compounds added:
Cl2H8MnO4 + C2H9NaO5 then once that is together you add C5H8O2 then to that product you add KMnO4 then to that product you add more C2H9NaO5 and the compound I made was C15H21MnO6 but I don't know how I determine what the other products inthe soultion were (cause we filtered it)

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