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I need a function rule for the following:


-2 -2

0 1

1 2

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    Well, it's not a straight line, since the change is y is not proportional the change in x. You could fit a very large number of functions to those threee points, but the simplest would be a parabola of the form
    y = ax^2 + bx + c
    You can use your three data points to solve for a, b and c.
    -2 = 4a - 2b + c
    1 = c
    2 = a + 4b + c
    This tells you right away what c is, so now you can solve for a and b

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    I just need a function rule for the graph. ex. y=2x+1

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    I know what you are asking for. A function of the form y = mx + b won't fit all three points. That is why I chose a quadratic fucntion. Try completing what I started

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