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How does art and design affect peoples cultures, lifestyle, religion and fashion?

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    Think about how people react to cars, especially new cars.

    Think of the design that goes into them, and the people who do or don't like the new design.

    IMHO, there are some really beautiful cars out there, and there are some colossally ugly ones. Buick has an SUV that is just hideous, as is the Honda Element. But other people like them; they must, or they wouldn't have bought them.

    And what about people in very poor countries -- for them, just having a car is exceptional. They probably don't care what it looks like as long as it gets them where they need to go.

    Open your mind and look around. Houses, public and private city buildings, paintings, sculpture, rock music, opera, gospel, etc., ad infinitum.

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    The major movements in history have begun in the ARTS. The change from the Medieval period into the Renaissance got its impetus from the arts. In modern times, music and art led the changes in the 60's, which have established an entirely New Society.

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