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Posted by Monte' on Monday, October 29, 2007 at 9:32pm.

if you could just help me set them up the would do me some good. Thanx

A. In the single reaction of chlorine and potassium bromide, how many grams of potassium chloride can be produced from 200.g each of chlorine and potassium bromide? Identify the limiting reactants.

B. In the single replacement reaction of chlorine and potassium bromide, how many of potasuim chloride are produced from 75. g of potassium bromide?

C. Calcutate the % yield for the combustion reaction of methane, CH4, whe 100. g of methane react with an excess Oxygen gas to produce water and 230.g of carbon dioxide.

D. In the single replacemt. reaction of chlorine and potassium broide, what is the % yield if 100. g of chlorine react with an excess of potassium broide to produce 310.g of bromine?

E.How many moles of lithium chloride will be formed by the reaction of chlorine with 0.046 mol of lithium bromide?

G. Cal. the percent yield in each of the following cases
a. theoreitcal yield is 50.0g of product: actual yield is 41.9g
b. theoreitcal yield is 290kg of product: actual yield is 20kg

H. Phosporus burns in air of produce phosphorus oxide. What is the mass of Phosphorus will be needed ti produce 3.25 mol of P4O10?

I. alumium will react with sulfuric aid in a single replacement reaction. How many moles of H2SO4 will reeact with 18 mol of Al

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