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6ClO2 + 3H2O -> 5HClO3 + HCl

a) If 71g of ClO2 is mixed with 19g of water, what is the limiting reactant?

b) What mass of HClO3 is expected in part (a)?

c) How many molecules of HCl are expected in part (a)?

I completed part a and b but got stuck on part c. Help!

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    It would be easier to show you if you showed your work for a and b but I'll try to help not knowing exactly what you have done so far.
    You know the limiting reagent. Convert mols of the limiting reagent, whichever it is, to mols HCl produced. Use the coefficients in the balanced equation for the conversion. Now that you know mols HCl, remember that 1 mol of anything contains 6.02 x 10^23 molecules so use that number to convert to number of molecules.

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    That helps!

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