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Posted by K on Monday, October 29, 2007 at 12:27am.

Butane, C4H10, is a component of natural gas that is used as fuel for cigarette lighters. The balanced equation of the complete combustion of butane is:

2C4H10(g) + 13O2(g)->8CO2(g) + 10H2O(l)

At 1.00atm and 23*C , how many liters of carbon dioxide are formed by the combustion of 1.00g of butane?

For the above...I have converted 1g of butane=0.017204mol (1g*1mol/58.1234gC4H10) = 0.017204molC4H10
Then: mol CO2= 1g*1mol/44.011g = 0.2272mol

The temp=23*C + 273.15K = 296.15K
The Volume=????
Constant R I will use is: 0.082058L atm/mol K

I know that I should somehow divide the 8moles of CO2 with the 2moles of C4H10...but not sure how to do this. I tried .0547L as an answer but it wasn't correct.

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