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Hi, everyone who is going to read this, thank you for trying to help me, this really means a lot to me, you are saving my behind!

Ok, so here it goes: I was wondering if this information is correct; please tell me if it is not
A Ferris wheel is a vertical undergoes uniform circular motion, and therefore experiences several types of motion.
1.) Centripetal Acceleration
2.) Angular acceleration
3.) Harmonic Motion
4.) Uniform Circular motion

The types of energy that affect it are:
1. mechanical energy
2.) kinetic energy

Passengers on a Ferris wheel experience:
1.) Apparent weight
2.) (Anything else?)

Thanks for helping me with this...I have researched this since Friday, and I am going a little nuts just trying to make sense of this all...the answers you provide would really be giving me a push in the right direction to help complete my task! Thank you very much.

Not be to a nag, I was just wondering (in addition the energy section from my previous post) the wheel the electrical energy is present due to the motor. THis is then turned into kinetic energy, from the magnetic field that is created due to the copper coils surrounding the magnet in the center of the motor. Is this right? I was watching a video, and the science guy that the same things that I have, only he all of a sudden said, "the copper coils that surround the magnet create another magentic field. When these two magentic fields come together, they create kinetic energy and cause the axel of the Ferris wheel to spin." Ok, so where did these two fields comes from? Science guy only mentioned one, I watched the video 13 times and counting! Thanks again for the help!

Lots of love, xoxo

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    The copper coil has current running through it which makes the second magnetic field.

    On the types of energy, your use of mechanical is vague. Where did you mean to put gravitational potential energy?

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