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Posted by K on Sunday, October 28, 2007 at 8:57pm.

A) a picture shows a container that is sealed at the top by a movable piston. Inside the container is a ideal gas at 1.00atm , 20.0 *C, and 1.00L.
(The pic is of a 2L container which has a piston pushed downward to the 1L level. Under the piston, under the 1L mark, is a sample of some unknown 'ideal gas'.)

What will the pressure inside the container become if the piston is moved to the 2.20L mark while the temperature of the gas is kept constant?


How do you work out this problem and the next two, as well???

B) The gas sample has now returned to its original state of 1.00atm , 20.0*C and 1.00L. What will the pressure become if the temperature of the gas is raised to 200.0 and the piston is not allowed to move?


C) The gas described in parts A and B has a mass of 1.66 grams. The sample is most likely which monoatomic gas?

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