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What is 'treasure chest' in Spanish?

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    estime pecho

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    ok if someone asks what i did yesterday would i say

    -fui a la..
    (is it the past of ir?)

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    Hmm...I'll be right back. It's in my Spanish notes, I hafta get them.

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    Okay I got it.

    Ir is an irregular preterite tense, right? So the conjugations would be:

    Yo fui
    Tu fuiste
    Ella fue

    etc. etc. etc. So yes, your right.

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    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Yes, the verb "ir" is irregular in the Preterit. (It looks just like "ser" in the Preterit so be careful!)
    yo fui, tú fuiste, él/ella/usted fue, nosotros/nosotras fuimos, ellos/ellas/ustedes fueron.

    Now, a little lesson on how to use a dictionary. Invest in a good paperback English to Spanish, Spanish to English dictionary. It is an investment in your future, at least in your Spanish III class. Look up "treasure" and write down ALL the possibilities you find = el tesoro. (Lucky you, there is only one!) Next, look up "chest" = el pecho, el cajón, el cofre, la cómoda. Here comes the most important step. Take each Spanish word and look it up for the primary meaning. You will find out rapidly that you do NOT want "el pecho" nor probably "la cómoda."

    Since one noun can not modify another, you are forced to say "the chest of treasure." Give it a try and repost to be sure you are correct!


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