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A plane leaves Toronto and flies with an airspeed of 2.20 x 10^2 km/h always pointing due east. A wind is blowing from the north at 8.0 x 10^1 km/h.

a) What is the plane's velocity relative to the ground?
b) What is the plane's displacement from Toronto after flying for 2.5h?

  • Physics -

    For (a), draw and solve a vector diagram.
    Air velocity + Airspeed vector = Ground speed vector
    For (b) Multiply the Ground speed vector by 2 hours, and the answer will be the displacement vector.
    I will be glad to critique your work.

  • Physics -

    a) I did the pythagorean theorem and got 234 km/h. I did Tan O = O/A and got [E20N] for my direction.

    b) I got 585 km.

    Did I get the right answers? I was a bit confused by part a because I thought it also involved gravity.

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