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Homework Help: Logs.

Posted by Ang on Friday, October 26, 2007 at 10:33pm.

Can you please help me with the following log. problems? thanxs!

Solve the exponential equation. Use a calculator to obtain a decimal approximation, correct to two decimal places, for the solution.

7^x = 6^(x + 7)
this is how far I got: x log 7/x log 7= x+7 log 6/log 7, I am not too sure what to do next.

Solve the logarithmic equation. Be sure to reject any value that is not in the domain of the original logarithmic expressions. Give the exact answer.

log9 11 + log9 x = 1 ( I dont understand what to do)

log3(x + 5) = 2 + log3(x - 1) (For this problem I know I have to combine 2(x-1), but I dont know what to do next)

log10(x - 30) = 3 - log10 x (For this problem, I thought about solving it like x-30=3x, but I tried that I didnt get the answer I was suppose to)

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