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The length of a rectangle is 2 cm more that 5 times it's width. If the area of the rectangle is 84 cm^2 find the dimensions of the rectangle to the nearest thousandth.
This is what I it rihgt?

-5+-the square root of 5^2-4(5)(-82)/2(5)
-5+- the square root of 25+1640/10
-5+- the square root of 1665/10
L=20.06 cm
W=3.58 Cm

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    I don't know how you got your equation.
    let the width be x
    then the length is 5x+2 and
    5x^2 + 2x - 84 = 0

    now solve that.
    (Igot x=3.9 and a negative x value)

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