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Honors English II

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what is a sentence for each of the following words?


*each sentence must be at least 8 words!

  • Honors English II -

    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum, but "SHAME ON YOU!" Being in an honors class (and even if you weren't) we would expect you to make an effort first.

    Take each word and look it up in a good dictionary. Often there are synonyms and/or antonyms. Select a synonym that you know, write a sentence with that and then substitute the new word!

    As for a good synonym dictionary:

    After you have written your sentences, feel free to post them for "critique."

  • Honors English II -

    ATP is used to power the movment of ur muscles. Where did the energy in the ATP come from? Trace the evergy in the ATP molecules back to the sun.

  • biology honors -

    Trace the ATP molecules back to the sun.

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