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Posted by Kyle on Wednesday, October 24, 2007 at 7:46pm.

Conrad Beach and its forest site it is a good example of an area that has undergone primary succession. The first step of the process of the primary ecological successions that have occurred at Conrad Beach is that mostly grass and some herbs and mosses were the first plants to colonize on the bare sand (Fig 2). Then as the samples get further and further away from the shore and into the forest, the figure shows evidence of larger plants, such as shrubs and trees (Fig 2). It shows that as the distance gets further and further away from the shore, the height of the plants increase (Fig 3). This is because the smaller and more concentrated plants, such as grass, herbs, lichens and mosses create a more suitable environment for bigger and sparser plants, such as trees and shrubs to grow in. Lichens and mosses which grow from windblown spores would be the first photosynthesizers to colonize the sand. As soil develops gradually, smaller plants that provide nutrients to the once barren land will eventually be overtaken by shrubs and trees.

its my biology report... please edit!

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