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in a class of 40 students, 80% are business majors. of the 24 students who passed the midterm exam, 75% are business majors. What percertange of students in the class who are not business majors passed the examination

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    80% of 40 = 32

    So -- 8 students are not business majors.

    75% of 24 = 18

    So 6 non-business majors passed the test.

    What percentage is 6 out of 8?

  • Pre Algebra -

    I love Pre Alegbra but i don't get it

  • Pre Algebra -

    If you post a couple of the problems you don't get, we'll be glad to help you.

  • math -

    Out of 39 students in a finite math class, 25 are male, 23 are business majors, 24 are first-year students, 15 are male business students, 18 are male first-year students, 16 are first-year students who are business majors, and 12 are male first-year business majors.

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