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Concentrated sulfuric acid (18.4 molar H2SO4) has a density of 1.84 grams per milliliter. After dilution with water to 5.20 molar, the solution has a density of 1.38 grams per milliliter and can be used as an electrolyte in lead storage batteries for automobiles.

1. Calculate the volume of concentrated acid required to prepare 1.00 liter of 5.20 molar H2SO4.

2. Determine the mass percent of H2SO4 in the original concentrated solution.

3. Calculate the volume of 5.20 molar H2SO4 that can be completely neutralized with 10.5 grams of sodium bicarbonate, NaHCO3.

4. What is the molality of the 5.20 molar H2SO4.

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    1) how many moles is in 1Liter of 5.2M? What volume of 18.5M will have that many moles?

    2) You know the mass from density. The mass consists of water and acid. You know how much water is there

    1.84g/ml= 1g/ml water + .84gacid/ml

    3) Use the titration equation.
    4) used density to figure the mass of the solvent.

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