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Homework Help: cultural diversity

Posted by Rose on Tuesday, October 23, 2007 at 7:48pm.

I posted this a couple of nights ago-
and thought I would repost to let you know what my text states.

1. Hispanic,French,and Italian
families commonly engage in
hugging,patting,and behaviors
of affectionate familiarity.
These physical contacts characterize
what kind of culture?

A. high-context
B. low-context
C. self-contained
D. medium-context

2. Communication by telephone calls,
business letters,office memos,
e-mail,and face-to-face dialogues
are represenative traits of
a/an ____________ culture.

A. technological
B. integrated
C. low-context
D. progressive

My text states:

Cultures differ how information is conveyed.In "high context"cultures(Asian,African American,Arab,Hispanic,
Native American), much of the information is conveyed through physical context,shared knowledge,and past experiences. Communication is nonverbal and indirect. In "low context" cultures (North American,
German,Scandinavian,Swiss), most of
message are communicated verbally.

Here are my answers. Please let me know
if I am wrong.

1. (A) high-context
2. (C) low-context

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