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Calculus Help?

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I have no idea where to start?

A survey of one thousand people found that 70% of the people have a
CD player, 85% have a telephone, and 45.2% have a computer. At
least how many people have all three objects?

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    There is not enough information

    If A is "Cd player"
    B is "having telephone"
    C is "having computer", we have to use the formula

    Number(A or B or C)= Number(A) + Number(B) + Number(C) - Number(A and B) - Number(A and C) - Number(B and C) + Number (A and B and C)

    What you are asking for is Number (A and B and C)

    Can you see which data is missing?
    Also do we know of the 1000 people if there are some that don't have either phone, computer or CD??

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