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In an experiment, you fill a heavy walled 5.00 L flask with methane gas, CH4. If the flask contains 7.13g of methane at 19 degrees C, what is the gas pressure.

Use the ideal gas law.

Can some one help me get started on this problem please

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    PV = nRT
    P is pressure in atmospheres and in this problem is the unknown.
    V = volume in liters = 5.00 L.
    n = mols = grams/molar mass = 7.13/molar mass CH4.
    R = gas constant in L*atm/mol*K = 0.08205
    T = temperature in Kelvin = 273 + C.
    Solve for P

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    P(5.00L)= .446 mol(.0821)(292K)

    It would look like this right then do I just multiply it all together and divide by the 5.00 L

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    Yes, I found 2.13 but check my arithmetic.

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