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Homework Help: Cultural Diversity

Posted by Rose on Monday, October 22, 2007 at 7:32pm.

Would someone please look over these questions and my answers? If I'm wrong,
please let me know.

1. Which one of the following would be
considered a sterotype?

A. Pacific Coast Indians are drunks.

B. Most Central and South American
Hispanics have dark-skin.

C. Children with disabilities should
have access to programs for children
without disabilities.

D. American children who grow up in
the Southern United States have
a distinct accent when they speak.

2. Miss Powell's early childhood
students are from American,French,
and Japanese families whose heads
of household hold management,
professional,and executive level
jobs. These families have chosen
this early learning center because
of its excellent reputation for
teaching English as a second
language, plus early academics.
This group's values and goals would
be identified as:

A. first generation
B. mainstream
C. new middle class
D. socially emerging

3. Maria's family came from Juarez,
Mexico and Paco's from Madrid,Spain.
Both are Hispanic;both speak Spanish
and attend the Catholic Church.
Maria's family tends to be more
conservative and closely bound to
family and tradition whereas Paco's
family have moved into the
mainstream and are progressing up
the middle class ladder.
Contrasts between the two present
one example of a/an:

A. enclave
B. miniculture
C. microculture
D. ghetto

Here are my answers:

1. (D) American children who grow up in
the Southern United States have
a distinct accent when they

2. (B) mainstream

3. (C) microculture

Please be sure you read question number
two closely,because I am not very sure that my answers are all correct.
Please help!

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