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The first graph you plotted is called a speed-time graph. However, information other than speed or time can be obtained from such graphs.

(a) What does the area under the line of the graph represent?

the distance traveled?

(b) Write an equation to represent the area under the line during the acceleration period. (Hint: Call the final speed vf and the beginning speed v0 and remember the area of a triange is 1/2 the area of the rectangle its
two sides could form.)

(c) What does the slope of the line, anywhere along its length, represent?

the velocity?

(d) Write an equation for the slope of the line.

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    a) Yes. m/s * seconds= meters
    b) If it is a triangle,
    Area= 1/2 base * height
    = 1/2 time * (Vf-vi)
    = 1/2 (Vf-Vi)/time* time^2
    = 1/2 a t^2
    c) no, slope on a velocity-time graph is changing velocity/time, or acceleration.

    d> See above in b)

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