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A ball of mass 0.15kg is dropped from rest at a height of 1.25m. it rebounds from the floor to reach a height of 0.960n. what impulse is given to the ball from the floor?

i don't have a clue where to start.
i know impulse is constant force x change in time or time elapsed, but i don't any time with this question any help?

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    Impulse= change of momentum
    Remember momentum is a vector, it was downward as the ball fell, and upward as it rebounded, so it changed sign

    Impuls= finalmomentum- initialmomentum

    Now one has to deal with the heights.
    Using energy concepts to change between heights and velocities...
    v^2=2gh so v= sqrt (2gh)

    Impulse= m*sqrt[(2g)(.960+1.25)]
    Notice carefully the sign in the last parenthesis, you need to understand why it is positive.

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    do you do high school physics

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