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A closed container is filled with oxygen. The pressure in the container is 435kPa . What is the pressure in millimeters of mercury?

(i know that 1atm=760mm Hg=101,325 Pa)

How do I use this to solve for the question? so: 435kPa*101,325=44,076,375Pa, & O2 = 32g/mol & you must have to use 760mmHg in there somehow, but then what.
The text really doesn't discuss this much, it only shows one sample prob which only gives a psi to convert to mmHg.

& how do you solve for pressure (in atmospheres) when given a msmt in "___cm's" -in a manometer- & given the atmospheric pressure in __atm?

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    You can use the equation:

    760mm Hg=101,325 Pa

    You simply write it as:

    Pa = 760mm Hg/(101,325)

    You then substitute this in the expression for pressure in the container:

    435kPa = 435k*760mm Hg/(101,325) =

    435*1000*760mm Hg/101,325 = 3362.8mm Hg

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    so g/mol of oxygen has nothing to do with solving??

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    Right. The 32 g/mol has nothing to do with it. Pressure is pressure. It would be the same for any gas. Also, I think there is a typo in the number. I think it should be 3262.8 but we are allowed only 3 significant figures.

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    I had picked up on that, thank you. I had that answer before but thought it was wrong.

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