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Aluminum reacts with sulfuric acid, which is the acid in automobile batteries. If 20.0 grams of Al is placed into a solution containing 115 grams of H2SO4, how many grams of hydrogen gas could be produced?

Please help--I do not know how to set this one up.


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    Start by writing the equation for the chemical reaction
    2 Al + 3 H2SO4 -> Al2(SO4)3 + 3 H2

    Convert the masses of Al and H2SO4 to moles to find which is the limiting reactant If is is H2SO4, the number of moles of H2 formed will equal the number of H2SO4 moles present. Maybe Al is the limiting reactant. That's up to you to determine. Once you have the number of moles of H2 formed, use the fact that there are 2.016 moles of H2 per mole.

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