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Solve the polynomial equation and graphy it on a number line. Express the solution set and interval notation. and which brackets to use either () or []

15X^2 < 14x + 1

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    This is an inequation, not an equation.

    take everything to one side
    15x^2 - 14x - 1 < 0, it factors
    (15x+1)(x-1) < 0

    If this had been the equation
    y = (15x+1)(x-1) it would have been a parabola opening upwards with x-intercepts of -1/15 and 1
    Between those two values the graph would have been below the x-axis

    so the solution set is -1/5 < x < 1

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    so the solution set is -1/15 < x < 1

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