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I'm taking a Spanish class now, but I cannot figure out how to roll my r's. Could somebody try to explain to me how to do that?


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    its a cetain type of meaning of words that are spanish

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    Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. The problem is that in English you don't develop that muscle, which is in the tongue. There are 2 ways to learn it. The first may or may not work!

    1. Imagine that you are 3-4 years old playing in the sandbox with toy cars. Many children automatically go "rrrrrrrrrr" as the sound of the motor.

    2. If that doesn't work, here is the physical description. Put your tongue behind your upper teeth, resting on a "ridge" in the roof of your mouth. It won't be exactly the tip of your tongue but about 1/4" inch from the tip. Now force air from your throat, vibrating your tongue. You can do it at first without any voiced sound. If you do it correctly your vision will blur! When you have that, then make a voiced sound with it!

    Remember that it takes practice to develop this muscle. Don't be discouraged but keep trying! ¡Buena suerte! (Good luck!)


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    P.S. Here's a tongue twister my students loved to do!

    Erre con erre cigarro
    Erre con erre barril
    Rapido corren los carros
    Los carros de ferrocarril

    Another one from Spain:

    El perro de San Roque no tiene rabo
    porque Ramón Rodríguez se lo ha cortado

    Beginning "r's" and, of course, "rr's" are trilled.

    Many teachers say to repeat "butter" over and over until the "tt" sounds like the "rr." It never worked for me, but if you want a really HARD "r" sound, try Russian!


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