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Homework Help: Economics

Posted by Andy on Thursday, October 18, 2007 at 9:15pm.

Hi, I need help with these four questions can anyone help me, it is for my economics class.

1)How does the economic (or rational decision-maker) approach to criminology work with or against other criminology theories?

2)Suppose we know that Frank has beaten Jimmy bad enough that Jimmy must go to the hospital. As economists, what do we know about Frank’s decision to take this action?

3)Describe two regulations that lead to black markets. One of the black markets should have a price higher than the legal market and the other black market should have a price lower than the legal market.

Name the product, the regulation and why the price in the black market is different.

4)What is the difference between active (or intentional) discrimination and "statistical" discrimination? Which is easier to prevent? Why?

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